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We are excited that you are praying about joining the family faith known as Barwick Road Church. Please take a few minutes and look over the following resources. We believe that joining a church should not be a decision that is made haphazardly, but with much prayer. Before embarking on the journey with us, we want you to know who we are, where we are going and what we believe. After which if you sense God is calling you to lock arms with us we welcome that opportunity and look forward to seeing what God does through you.

What is church membership?

Unlike membership at a gym or a country club, church membership is relational. It’s an individual commitment to be part of the whole church body. Together we pursue the unique mission that God has given Barwick Road Church.

Why be a member?

  1. It’s God’s Design for His Church

We weren’t meant to do faith alone. The concept of membership is biblical. Believers in the Bible clearly identified themselves with a specific local body for worship, teaching and mutual encouragement. These local churches are part of the larger body of Christ-followers throughout the world.

  1. Increased Impact

Alone, our impact is small. Together, our impact is exponential. As a church member, each person contributes his or her passions and talents so that we may have a greater impact on our community and world.

  1. A Sense of Belonging

Everyone wants to belong to something. We desire the benefits that come from being part of a group. Membership allows us to learn from each other, share in good times, get support during difficult challenges, and shows us that we have value because we contribute to a larger cause.

  1. Spiritual Growth

We’ve all heard the phrase “iron sharpens iron.” Becoming a member provides opportunities for spiritual growth in even deeper capacities. Jesus tells us to surround ourselves with other believers in a committed church body to help each other grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ. The relationships formed with other church members often lead to deeper spiritual conversations and studies.

  1. Responsibility in the Local Body

Membership takes you from being an observer of the church to being a participant in the church. It’s switching from “they” to “we” when talking about Barwick Road Church.

  1. Accountability

Accountability for members comes in two ways. First, we have a responsibility to love and care for one another and help keep each other on the right path. Members are willing to be corrected and redirected by one another so that our lives exemplify Godly character. Second, we allow the church leadership to keep us in alignment with the philosophy and strategy for how we do ministry at Barwick Road Church.

What is required to become a member of Barwick Road Church?

#1 Salvation

Being a member of a church does not save you however salvation is required to be a church member. All members of Barwick Road Church must have a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and have trusted in Him for Salvation.

#2 Baptism

After Salvation, all members of Barwick Road Church must have been baptized Scripturally (as a believer, by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as a symbol of your salvation).

“Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.” (Acts 2:41, NKJV)

#3 Agreement

Members are required to agree with our Statement of Faith, Purpose and the Direction God is calling us as a church.

Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? (Amos 3:3 NLT)

How do I join?

Barwick Road Church is a body of believers united by our desire to follow Jesus Christ and committed to fulfilling the purposes set forth in our Mission Statement. If you desire to join with us, and will be supportive of the leadership, our beliefs, fellowship, and mission of our church, we warmly invite you to become a member. Here are the steps to take:

Profession of Faith and Baptism

You may become a member of Barwick Road Church by professing your faith in Jesus and by being baptized (Acts 2:41,47)

Coming from another church?

If you have already trusted Jesus for Salvation and have been baptized you may join Barwick Road by one of the following ways.

  • Transfer of membership from another Southern Baptist Church
    If you are currently a member of another Southern Baptist Church, we will receive you as a member with your promise of a letter transferring you from that church. Barwick Road will contact that church to notify them of your decision and request your letter.
  • Statement of faith
    If you have previously made a public decision, acknowledging that you have received Christ as your Savior and Lord, we will be happy to welcome you into our church family. If you have never been baptized Scripturally (as a believer, by immersion, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as a symbol of your salvation), it will be necessary for you to be baptized at Barwick Road Church.

If you sense the Lord is calling you to join Barwick Road Church, please  indicate your desire by checking the “I would like to become of member of Barwick Road Church” box located on our bulletin.  When done, please place card in the offering plate or hand it to the Pastor at the end of the service.

If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks